As the most innovative, respected and technologically advanced driving school in the country, All Star Driver Education has graduated generations of safe drivers for over 50 years. Utilizing the latest techniques and technology, our highly trained and motivated instructors produce what we call S.T.A.R. drivers. Safe. Trustworthy. Attentive. Responsible. Our proven "Driving for Life" philosophy stresses responsibility at an early age that continues throughout a driver's lifetime. It's never too early or too late to train a safe driver, so our curriculum starts with Pre-K and elementary school programs, carrying through to senior training programs. We utilize the latest technology, social media and engaging games at every level.

It's unfortunate, but driving related fatalities are the #1 killer of teenagers in the US. That's why our unique "Driving for Life" is about more than just passing a test and getting a license. It's about safety. It's about respecting others on the road and recognizing dangerous situations before they occur, and if they do, how to handle them. It's instilling in the newly licensed driver the immeasurable responsibility every single moment they're on the road. And it's why over 100 school districts across the country trust their young people with All Star.

  • Paperless, all-electronic - Instructors equipped with tablets posting feedback immediately
  • FREE phone app to parents and teenagers to monitor the teen's driving habits and shut off cell phone texting/talking and driving
  • Wide-ranging "Driving for Life" various programs for all
  • "NO ZONES" educational program

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